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Donations in Germany

When donating for the Kibaale Children's Centre through ICCF Holland, there is no receipt that would be accepted by the German tax office. But you can make a donation through MISEREOR that will be forwarded to the Kibaale Children's Centre. MISEREOR will send you a receipt that allows for a tax return.

The Kibaale Children's Centre is not a project promoted by MISEREOR itself. MISEREOR just offers the transferral of the donation and provides an allowance confirmation for non-profit purposes ("Zuwendungsbestätigung für gemeinnützige Zwecke").

MISEREOR does not forward the donation to ICCF Holland, but transfers it directly to the Kibaale Children's Centre in Uganda, since MISEREOR in principle does not support other aid organisations. MISEREOR does not take fees, they pass on the donation for one hundred percent.

To make a donation please proceed as follows:

  1. In order that MISEREOR books the donation on the Kibaale Children's Centre, announce it to MISEREOR either by a letter to

    Bischöfliches Hilfswerk MISEREOR e.V.
    z.H. Daniela Riehn
    Mozartstraße 9
    52064 Aachen

    or by an e-mail to daniela.riehn at misereor.de.

    See the sample letter for single donations.

    For donations at regular intervals (for instance in the context of a sponsorship), a single letter for the first donation is sufficient. See the sample letter for regular donations. - The sponsorships themselves are administrated by Bram Moolenaar, not by MISEREOR.

  2. Transfer the donation to the MISEREOR account:
       IBAN: DE75 3706 0193 0000 1010 10
    (old account no. 10 10 10 at the Pax Bank eG, bank code 370 601 93).
    Indicate "KCC KIBAALE UGANDA" as reason for payment. For regular donations, set up a standing order. If you prefer a direct debit by MISEREOR, please contact Mrs. Riehn.

  3. For donations of more than 100 Euro, MISEREOR will send you a receipt about an earmarked donation ("Zuwendungsbestätigung über eine zweckgebundene Spende"), after the donation has been booked on the project. This may take about four weeks. For donations up to 100 Euro, presentation of the remittance slip at the tax office will be sufficient. - In case of regular donations, you get a yearly collecting confirmation at the beginning of the following year.

  4. In order that Bram Moolenaar can keep track of the complete donations for the Kibaale Children's Centre, please send a short message or a copy of your e-mail to Bram Moolenaar (Bram AT iccf-holland.org). In addition, MISEREOR sends a summary of all collected donations to Bram Moolenaar at regular intervals.

For queries please contact Servatius Brandt, phone: (08024) 479 418, e-mail: Servatius.Brandt at googlemail.com.

You can get informations about MISEREOR at www.misereor.de or from Mrs. Riehn, phone: (0241) 442-122, e-mail: daniela.riehn at misereor.de.

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