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Kibaale Children's Centre - The Movie

This video gives a good overview of the project, the people that work there and the children that they help. It is the best way to find out what is going on in Kibaale.

The files below refer to the English version of the DVD and video files. For a version with Dutch subtitles switch to the Dutch page.

The DVD has the best quality but is very big, almost 4 Gbyte. Even with a fast connection the downloading may take several hours. After downloading the files a software DVD player will be able to play them directly. Burn the files on a (single layer) DVD to be able to play it in any standard DVD player. Burn a few more for your friends! Print the DVD cover, it fits in a standard DVD box.

Unfortunately, the video is currently unavailable.


The main feature has seven chapters:

  • Introduction about Uganda, from Kampala to Kibaale.
  • Karl Buchholz, administrator, introduces the centre.
  • Peter Uchulu, headmaster, gives information about the school.
  • Judith Mugisha shows us the special needs class, where children with a handicap are educated.
  • Boaz Ninsiima talks about the clinic.
  • A few children are visited at home. We see where they live and what their daily struggles are.
  • End titles.

The interview with Rose Namate is very interesting. With the help of a sponsor she managed to finish University. She talks about her family and her goals in life. There is too much background noise, therefore subtitles have been added.

Some funny parts were left on the cutting room floor. It wasn't easy to make this video!

Along the road and in the classrooms I found these words and Signs .

Once you get him to talk he can't stop: Boaz in the Med Lab. He explains what tests are done and shows how to do them. A bit long, but interesting if you want to know about diseases that the clinic has to deal with.

The last part is about the beautiful Ugandan Wildlife. This was recorded in Lake Mburo National Park, which is a couple of hours away from the project.


The DVD and video files are Copyright 2006, stichting ICCF Holland.

You are encouraged to make copies and give them to others. The only condition is that this is done for the good of the Kibaale Childrens Centre.


The video was directed, filmed and edited by Bram Moolenaar.
Interviewers: Arleen Buchholz (Karl, Peter, Judith), Kenny Corpeno (Rose Namate)
Child Assistant: Chephas (childrens visits)
Catering: Ruth Frith (my food), Birra (their food)
Driver: Laura Chaplin
Camera and advice provided by Luc Mintjens
Thanks to: Karl Buchholz, Peter Uchulu, Judith (Nambi) Mugisha, Boaz Ninsiima, Patrick Kyria, Rose Namate, KCC staff
A very special thanks to all the children in Kibaale!

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