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How about sponsoring a child?

Children are best helped with regular attention and continued care. Therefore a sponsorship program was started. For a small monthly amount, the child can go to school, gets clothes and necessary items, and any other basic needs. If the child becomes ill, KCC will make sure it gets medical care.

Just helping the child is not enough. There must be a healthy environment in which it can grow up. Therefore some of the money is used to improve the situation in the villages. Immunization programs are carried out, teachers in nearby schools are trained, etc.

YOU can help a child! Start sponsoring NOW. Children can't wait!

There are three possibilities:

  1. Sponsor a child in primary school. You pay 17 euro monthly (or more). This makes it possible for the child to attend school and get other help it needs.
  2. Sponsor a child in secondary school. You pay 25 euro monthly (or more). This makes it possible for the child to attend school and get other help it needs.
  3. Sponsor the clinic. You can decide yourself how much you want to contribute. The money is used for medicine, nurses and doctors wages, hygiene education, transport to the villages for immunization programs, etc.

Because the amounts mentioned do not cover the actual cost, we use two sponsors for each child. If you double the amount, you will be the only sponsor. See below for why we use two sponsors.

If you sponsor a child you can communicate with it. You will get a picture and information about the child's situation, write letters to the child and expect something in return. Let us know if you prefer to just send money and not communicate with the child.

If you sponsor a child you must have the intention to do this for at least one year.

You can pay monthly, with automatic transfer. Switch to Nederlands to read the information.
To reduce banking costs, please pay once a year. Click here for ways to send the money. Also send your address to Helena Posthumus (Helena AT iccf-holland.org).

Why two sponsors per child?

For a long time we have set the sponsorship amount quite low, so that we could attract more sponsors. The gap was filled up with one-time donations and various fundraising campaigns.

Over time two things have changed. First of all, the cost for education has slowly but steadily increased. This is mainly the teachers salaries, which we keep in line with what is normal in Uganda. Secondly, we have increased activities besides the school, especially the clinic, which was enlarged in 2020 and provides more expensive services. We now need most of the one-time donations and fundraising to cover that.

Fortunately, we do have a large number of people interested in sponsoring a child for a reasonable amount. Therefore, instead of doubling the sponsor amount we decided that using two sponsors per child was the best fit. We don't have to suddenly ask sponsors to pay much more, and we can accommodate more sponsors.

This way we can continue to provide a quality education, help many children in and around Kibaale and provide medical services at a price the locals can afford.

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