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About Uganda

Uganda is located in east Africa, at the equator. Although it is a poor third world country, the nature is beautiful. The soil is very fertile, and there is a rainy season twice a year. This results in a nice green country side. That's why it is called "The pearl of Africa".

The political situation has been stable since 1986. Before that the country suffered from terrible civil wars. The damages can still be seen in some places. Uganda is recovering, slowly. With the help of the IMF the economy has improved, inflation is under control. This is a good situation for continuous improvement. President Museveni is leading his country well, and manages to keep the many peoples in the country together. One of the main financial problems is the enormous debt.

The infrastructure has improved in the past few years, thanks to foreign help. Travelling through the country is easy, using minibusses. There is a lot to do for tourists. See the wildlife in one of the nature reserves. Climb the Rwenzori mountains, that separate east from west Africa. Or just relax in one of the friendly hotels.


Daily Monitor - Independent newspaper, has fresh news items every day.

The New Vision - Governement controller newspaper.

The Uganda Tourist Board web site contains a whole lot of information about the country.

Uganda Wildlife Authority - Parks in Uganda. Also see this site.

Uganda - German Information on Uganda and its history.

Uganda weapon

Paula Beauchamp has written an article about orphan-headed households in Uganda. This illustrates the situation that many children end up in when their parents die of AIDS.

Users of the text editor Vim are asked to help ICCF helping children in Kibaale. An article in the Linux Journal magazine (june 2001) gives background information. You can find it here.

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